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Choices, Inc. is a specialty distributor of quality documentaries, educational programming, and independent feature films targeted to schools, colleges, libraries and well informed consumers. Our award-winning documentaries are produced by filmmakers from around the world and priced to be affordable for everyone.
Grading The Teachers:
An Exploration Into Evaluation

Engaging interviews with 21 teachers, administrators, and professors from around the country. Five different sections, each focusing on a different aspect of the teacher evaluation initiative: Key Features; Leadership; Trust; Hopes & Fears; Advice.
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Son of the Olive Merchant
In Search of the Armenian Genocide: While traveling to Turkey on his honeymoon, Mathieu and his wife Anna confront Turkey's denial of the Armenian genocide.  This unique award winning  film by  Mathieu Zeitindjioglou  incorp-orates interviews, archive footage and animation to tell his story.  
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Memories of a Dreamer: The Journey of a Political Prisoner
Memories of a Dreamer is a first person account of the hardship suffered by
a political prisoner from Chile's 1973 cruel dictatorship. Felix Mora recounts shocking details of the torture he endured, his escape from the dictatorship and the challenges he has faced as an exile in Italy and Canada.
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Viva Nelson Mandela:
A Hero For All Seasons

For the first time Mandela's complete story is being told a life of struggle, humanity, destiny and greatness is recalled and celebrated by those who knew him best and those who worked with him to break the chain of oppression. Learn More

freedom flyers
Freedom Flyers of Tuskegee
The compelling story of the first African American military pilots who, in addition to fighting our enemies in Europe during WWII, had to fight against the racial
inequality and discrimination they faced at home despite their great sacrifice. Learn more

Man Ray - Prophet of the Avante Garde
This Emmy nominated documen-tary narrated by Stockard Channing covers the life and artwork of this innovative and extremely important modern artist who was a major contributor to photography and the Dada and Surrealist movements. Learn More


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