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Israel vs Israel


Catalog #: CH7064DVD

Special Features:
An Interview with Director, Terje Carlsson,
Expanded Interviews, Guide Book, Lesson Plan

Language: English

Price: $24.95


Israel vs. Israel is a documentary about Jewish peace activists who face skepticism and criticism from their fellow Israeli citizens. A Rabbi, a soldier, a grandmother and an anarchist - four very different Israelis whom share a common goal: to achieve peace in the Middle East and end the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian Territories. Undeterred, they promote a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in order to improve the lives of Palestinians and their fellow countrymen alike.

Using in depth interviews and dynamic footage to narrate their inspiring stories, Israel vs. Israel provides a unique perspective on the struggle to find a peaceful solution of this decades-long conflict.

This critically acclaimed film has been invited to festivals and screenings around the world and has won:

* The Public Liberties and Human Rights Award at the Al Jazeera Documentary Festival 2011
* President of the Festival – Special Award at the One Shot ISFF Festival, 2011
* The Best Documentary at the 2011 Turkish Radio and Television Documentary Awards
* 2011 Ojai International Film Festival Best Documentary Honorable Mention

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Yehuda Shaul is one of the leaders in the organization Breaking the Silence – where Israeli soldiers secretly tell about the daily routine as an occupier. The organization collects testimonies regarding abuses, looting and excessive use of force against Palestinian civilians. Yehuda Shaul is a former commander and combat soldier in the Israeli army. Today he organizes tours to Hebron, where violent Jewish settlers threaten and harass the traitor Yehuda Shaul.

Ronny Perlman is the Jerusalem co-coordinator for the organization Checkpoint Watch. She documents abuse from Israeli soldiers against Palestinians, at some of the checkpoints in the West Bank. Ronny's son serves in the army but she hopes that her grandchildren will refuse or somehow avoid military service.

Arik Ascherman is a rabbi and well-known leader for Rabbis for human rights. According to Rabbi Ascherman, equality and basic human rights are very important parts of Judaism. Arik protects Palestinian farmers against Israeli soldiers and religious Jewish settlers. The settlers view the West Bank and Jerusalem as vital parts of God's Holy land, promised to the Jewish people. Arik Asherman supports a different interpretation of the Bible, where human rights are much more important than fanatical interpretations of The Holy Land.

Jonathan Pollack is a well known member of the network Anarchist Against the Wall. During anti-wall demonstrations together with Palestinian and international activists, Jonathan has been arrested by Israeli soldiers. The wall is built on occupied land. Jonathan Pollack is often portrayed by other Israelis as someone who deserves a bullet in thehead, because of his actions against the Israeli soldiers.

Filmmaker Mr Terje Carlsson

Terje Carlsson is a freelance journalist based for many years in Jerusalem, working mostly for Swedish National Radio and Television. In 2008, his first feature documentary Welcome to Hebron was released. The film won several awards at festivals allover the world, including the Med Film Festival in Marseille. TV-broadcasters from more than10 countries all over the world acquired the broadcasting rights.


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