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Minarets of Temecula

Muslim residents in Temecula, California want to build a mosque.  This documentary examines how the conflict played out against a backdrop of national and global politics.
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The Miseducation of Pakistan

As Pakistan struggles between moderate and militant Islam,
this documentary explores the appalling and corrupt public education system where millions of children are denied a future.
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Missing, Presumed Dead: The Search for America's POWs

Chronicles Bob Dumas’ fifty year search to find his brother
who was captured in the Korean War.
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The Other Mexico: The Sub-Commander Marcos is Back

Details the influential arch of the Zapatista Movement whose efforts brought international attention to the dire circumstances of Mexico's poor indigenous
people in Chiapas.
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Our Feathered Friends: Adventures on a Chicken Farm

Using stunning photography, this film examines the fascinating
and complex world of chickens.
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Panihari Panihari: The Water Woman of India

Paru, wife and mother of five, and the other women in her community,
make a daily eight-mile round trip trek to obtain water two or three times.
She joins a women’s cooperative loan program which lends money and
presents her with a chance to save her family. Learn more

The Perfect Life: Growing Up in Urban America

Takes a hard look at the challenges facing youth in inner cities
as filmmaker Sam Lee follows five Harlem students.
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Prayer of Peace: Relief and Resistance in Burma's War Zones

Examines the Karen people and their struggle for survival in Burma.
Few are aware that over one million Karen villagers fight to stay alive
inside the country's borders.
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Reckless Indifference

The tragic story of how California’s controversial felony murder rule
changed the lives of four teenagers
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Rumi Turning Ecstatic

Learn about the writings and teachings of the 13th-century Persian poet,
jurist, theologian, and mystic who still inspires millions.

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A School of Their Own: Reading, Writing and Revolution in Nepal

Follow the Riverside School in Nepal as they struggle to educate orphans, homeless children, low caste and tribal children and those rescued
from child labor, slavery and prostitution.
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Through My Eyes: A Film About Rwandan Youth

Examines how the arts help the youth of Rwanda deal with the emotional
and physical trauma they endured.

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Viva Nelson Mandela

The film documents Nelson Mandela's life including his long struggle
as an activist against apartheid through his continued work for freedom
and democracy.
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